Online Support FAQ


You will receive an email confirmation on your purchase followed by a call from our customer care team to schedule your first service date.

Our offer currently only support shred pickups from a single location. If you have more than one location, you can either set up an account for each location or contact us at 888-703-8127.

The One-time shred service on our website is currently all we offer at this time.


Secure shredding allows businesses to safely destroy unnecessary paper based documents that may contain confidential information. Shredding can help prevent identity theft or data breach, free up space, and recycle documents.

Once you place your order online, you will be contacted by one of our Customer Service teammates to schedule the service date.
All material that needs to be destroyed should be placed in a dry box with a lid or in bins/bags easily accessible for pickup.

We do service some residential locations, so please contact us to verify that your location is accessible.

All material that needs to be destroyed should be easily and quickly accessible. If the material is in bags or storage bins, you will need to place it into a Iron Mountain shredding bin that the driver will provide on the day of service. There is no need to purchase boxes.

Paper is picked up from your location and transported to a shredding facility for final shredding. You can request a final "certificate of destruction" once the service is complete.

You can request a final "certificate of destruction" once the service is complete.

The following can be securely shredded:
  • Clean paper, any color and any size
  • Blueprints
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Mail — including window envelopes
  • Photographs
  • File folders, any color (no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands, or small binder clips)
The following can NOT be securely shredded:
  • Cardboard
  • Wet or moldy material
  • Telephone books
  • Hardcover books
  • Plastic bags and packing material
  • Computer discs, CDs, DVDs
  • Backup and VCR tapes
  • Transparencies
  • ID badges and driver’s licenses
  • Microfiche and Microfilm
  • X-rays
  • Batteries (no batteries of any kind)
  • Computer parts
  • Printer and photocopier parts
  • Trash or hazardous materials
  • Biohazardous and Medical Waste (including needles and sharps)
  • Metals (including binders, hanging folders with metal hangers)

Pricing, Payment & Billing

Our One-time shred service is a fixed price, just select the box range you need to shred. We have no upfront costs or additional monthly fees, all prices are inclusive of transportation, handling, and set-up.

Call customer service for assistance at 888-703-8127.

Contact your customer service representative and they will assist you with closing your account and canceling your service appointment.

Security & Compliance

  • Transportation is performed by highly trained Iron Mountain staff.
  • Iron Mountain’s InControl® ensures the protection of your information while it is in transit with patented security, real-time tracking, and auditable chain of custody. Our drivers follow strict guidelines and careful instructions during the loading and transport of records.

Protecting our customers’ assets begins the minute we receive them, and doesn’t end until we either return them or securely destroy them. In order to ensure the security of federal agency information assets, we rely on a series of tightly-linked safeguards, which we refer to as a “chain of custody.” This chain of custody is a set of procedures that assigns a unique identifier to each customer asset in Iron Mountain’s possession, enabling it to be tracked constantly, no matter where it is.

A secure Chain of Custody is an important core capability at Iron Mountain because it assures our customers get:

  • Secure chain of custody while material is in transit
  • Systematic products and processes to detect and correct potential human error
  • Real time electronic signatures and receipts
  • Audit trail of item level transactions